vMind physical prototype!

vMind Physical Prototype from Jessica Floeh on Vimeo.


These are the parts of the vMind prototype! It consists of a mat switch – connected to a toggle switch — that activates an mp3 player/recorder. The device can be recorded onto and custom messages will be played. The vitamin bottle goes on top of this device, when the matswitch is depressed, no sound comes from it (because of the toggle switch). However, when nothing is on it, the music/sounds will play! This encourages people to pick up the vitamin bottle and take their vitamins so they can hear the jams! There is also an LED interface, controlled by a proximity sensor. The lights blink when you are near it, to bring your attention to it.

Problems: The mat-switch is not that reliable. I need to get a capacitive touch sensor I believe, this will make it more secure. Also, there are some snags in the LED interface, still working on making that function properly. I need to try to get it to be just one battery or simplify the interface…are the LEDs necessary?

See below for more photos!