PING. What will it say about you?


PING is a smart trash/recycling bin that tracks your trash activity and reports it online. His aim is to help you develop better recycling habits by collaborating with others.


PING is part of a larger concept that asks the question: "If objects had a voice, what would they say about us and how would we respond?"  PING’s ‘voice’ is able to tell users about their trash habits and connects them with other PING users online to allow opportunity for collaboration toward a more sustainable world. PING does this by tracking each time you throw an item in either its waste or recycling compartment and reports this activity online as well as communicating directly with the users through its own illuminating lights. Future iterations of PING will also include a way for the bin to measure weight of the trash, how often the bin gets filled up, and will be able to remind users of trash day so they’ll remember to put the trash out. All this data collected will connect to much larger ideas online. For instance, knowing how much paper people recycle can help us calculate how many trees each individual is saving, etc. – allowing each person to feel a bit of accountability and reward for their recycling efforts and help them know that they do in fact play an important part. View a demo video:
PING. What will it say about you? from Katrina Bekessy on Vimeo.

PING was created with Arduino and Processing. Source code can be found here:
Download PING_ArduinoCode
Download PING_uploadDataToSite

PING was created by Katrina Bekessy.
Katrina would love to hear any thoughts/opinions/feedback you might have about this project. If you’d like to learn more about it or share your thoughts, please contact Katrina at kmbekessy[at]gmail[dotcom].