international toy fair 2009.

just putting these down; i will add  mmore later.

1. Snap Circuits. Brilliant learning tool for constructing simple electronic circuits. Joel Murphy should teach from this.  kits were cheap – less than $30 to build your own AM/FM radio or power a clock using a photocell. brilliant. probably my favorite product from the entire fair (except pillow toys).  If you want to build more advanced    things i think the most expensive kit which comes with A LOT of pieces was around $60. sooo cool. i want i want.IMG_0427

2. Mattel's MindFlex.  Essentially allowing for telekinesis (using your mind to move objects) the user wears an apparatus on their head and controlls a ball floating atop jets of air. 


HERE  is a pretty good blog article with a video demo and explanation from a mattel rep. game will retail for $80 (pretty expensive, but dirt cheap considering the technology being employed) and will be available in fall of this year. When i asked a mattel rep at toy fair he said "definitely before holiday season of this year". 

…and i also had an "exciting time" with a "special someone"


i'll add more, also a link to some of the videos i took while there —