Toy Fair2009

First of all the toy fair was amazing, I was so excited to be there. So many toys at the same place! Awesome!
 My favorite toy wasn't an interactive or even an electronic toy. Andi's Green, "WorryWoo Monsters" are stuffed, soft and very emotional monsters. There is something so real, unique  and so sensitive about these monsters that I immediately felt in love.

Picture 5

Another toy that I find interesting, is the Smart-E-Bear from Intellitoys Team, is an interactive stuffed toy that interacts by music, stories and games. It can be connected to software and be customized.

Picture 6

Online Timepieces:

The "Art-O-Meter" by Marcelo Coelho. The piece found on "".

Picture 7

This is a device that has a sensor that measures the time that the viewer spends in front of an artwork.

The "Birth Clock" by Alexandra von Feldmann. The piece found on ""

Picture 8  
Picture 9

This piece is a nonfunctional clock in a very fragile glass container. To make the clock functional the user have to break the glass container. I like that work a lot, the user have make a decision if he prefer the shape or the function of the clock.

Library Timepieces:

Francis Alys
Time Lapse, 2001
Picture 1
The image is from:

During  twelve hours, Francis Alys recorded people hiding from the
heat under the shadow of the flagpole in the "Zocalo" the famous
municipal square in downtown Mexico City.

After that he combined the photographs with astronomical data drawings that shows the path and angle of the sun.

"Strangers: The First ICP Triennial of Photography and Video", 2003

Vito Acconci
Watch, 1971
 9 min, b&w, silent, Super 8 film on video
Video/Body art; this is a close up of Vito's face following the circulation of a watch, by doing that his face represents a watch.


Vito Acconci, Diary of a body. 1969-1973.