Passage of Time / Ira Goldberg

After a very long night of work and burned fingers I finally finished  this new iteration.
I've tried to create a group of sheep (3) and make them blink on count. It turned out much more complicated then I thought it might be. The problem was the arduino board, I really wanted to hide it. Originally I just wanted to have separate 3 sheep. But the arduino board is still there, maybe if there is a way to make it wireless…
Eventually at 6:00am when it seemed to be finished, that is how my arduino board looked like:


I had so many wires and resistors, and they all got so messy, It was almost impossible to deal with.

So I decided to start over. I minimized the number of pins that I use on the arduino board by using a lot of serials connections. This is the final board:


And this is how my Counting Sheep Prototype looks for now: