time gesture iteration – new prototype

I've shelved the cocoon prototype for the time being, in favor of a model which better accommodates the requirement for various buttons and switches. In creating this latest iteration, I dug back into a past life in which I played with molecular biology. Following cellular interactions within a biological system is an infinite source of visually intriguing time-course data, and I thought it would be an excellent point of exploration into gestures of the passage of time. A general theme in the analysis of movements and interactions in biological systems is the application of a color or fluorescent tag to the molecule in question, and then using the appropriate visualization technique to track the molecule's movements over time, say every two hours. The following is one such example of a time course examining the effect of a PPOX mutation on fluorescence distribution in the cell, showing that the mutation prevents cDNA import into the mitochondria. (RR Morgan, Identification of sequences required for the import of human protoporphyrinogen oxidase to mitochondria, Biochem. J. (2004) 377
I was interested in employing this type of image and time gesture in this iteration, and I began afresh with a different type of encasement, thinking that I might be able to create the effect of an old fashioned slide, such as the type used in old slide projection. I the immediate absence of such, I printed some like images on vellum paper to create a temporary prototyping tool for a similar light-diffusion effect. I also used a piece of crumpled gauze behind each image to further diffuse the quite penetrating light of the superbright LEDs.  

This is the latest iteration, with some contrived images, including some prints of old negatives.