LED time piece • v03 • PWM

Went minimalist for this iteration of my timepiece.  My new role for this prototype is a vertical light projection, perhaps for use in a bedroom at night.

Red Green and Blue mix together like a colored venn-diagram displayed on the ceiling, or perhaps a wall if angled as such.  It is a relaxing effect, and i think adding PWM to the fading of each LED (which is now down to a record-low 3!) added a lot to the overall piece.

Here is my code. I approach the for loops in 2 different ways, one by straight forward execution after an if statement, and another by creating individual functions for each LED.  Using the function method, I can pass in random numbers that are decided earlier in the code.  Overall, really sloppy, and once I choose a method I feel most appropriate, I will stick to that one.


sweet switches

LED time piece • v03 from j saavedra on Vimeo.