::User Testing::


Sara is 28 and wants to have a light fixture that in some way hand made and that has a Victorian or Rococo sensibility  but yet it looks simple and modern. She is drawn to the modular nature of the fixture since she could buy many to make for a large stalactite formation either in the ceiling or the wall. She is also drawn to the amber and white soft light that the fixture emits given it an organic feel to it. Sara usually has the light fixture on while dinner parties instead of candles and at night when she is reading a book as a secondary light to provide a warm glow.The light fixture is activated by sound.

Rebbecca is 34 and she is also drawn to the same characteristics of the look and feel of the light fixture and its modularity that provides the ability to create your own arrangements of the units to make it look unique. However, she wishes the lights inside the light fixture were brighter since she would like to use the light fixture as a main source of light in the living room. She would like the fixture to have two modes: a dim, warm glow and a brighter one to illuminate the whole room. Since both think the light fixture has a sensor and that it they do not have to worry about turn it on or off.

Show your prototypes (Look&Feel, and etc…) and user scenarios
to others (preferably your ideal users) and get user feedback. Do 4-5
hours of this user-testing and user-feedback.  Record and blog the

User testing: Eric 27, Reba 28, Bret 30

Most of the users agree that it would be great for the fixture to have two modes to make it more versatile. 

Also most users agree in having two ways in which the light can be turn on. Having the light be turn on by

sound or motion only even though it reduces energy consumption it takes away the freedom from the user to have it on or off when they want to.

They all agree that make it modular with allow users to create their own armaments of the basic unit according to the space and kind of surface where they would place it

They also suggested that the units should be easy to attach to others to promote building with modularity.

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