user testing


Brief – After presenting 6 ideation sketches this week, my task was really to narrow my product down.
The votes were pretty spread out.  I did get to eliminate 3 designs.

1. Form factor should not take too much table top space [Maral & Jennie]
2. Product should not be too static in RE to clock [Conway]
3. Caiti – my niece can't sleep with out her night light (go with the bedside product)
4. I like the mobility of the product, also it would be cool to rotate all the way around [Namrata]
5. Your sketches are very detailed, which is good, but you may be eliminating possibilities
6. Try to make your product more flexible for shadow puppetry [Grace]
7. Children love to copy parents and personify things [Lee]

I have no access to children here however, this is a product that parent and child would use together,
so getting class mate opinions are still very much worth while.

All the comments given were helpful.  I have decided to remove the clock aspect of the artifact.  The main
2 functions are really 1. nightlight and 2. a narrative toy for parent/child/friend participation.  The
clock seems marginal in importance.

The new sketch will be a simple box light with different "states" of lights such as "night mode colors,"
"warm colors mode," "sky color mode," "hillside mode."  There will be included 4-5 films for backgrouds such as " stary night mode," sun and moon mode," theater room mode" and  "bridge."  Also included are several characters on sticks as a starter pack for shadow puppetry.

User Profile:

Mother – Penelope, Son – Hoit, Father – Maximus Decimus Meridius (leader of Romes Northern Legions)

Penelope is a smart shopper, she only buys toys for Hoit if she feels it serves more than one function.  More importantly, she doesnt like any frilly toys that she knows Hoit will not play with for long. She is always looking for ways to spend time with her son.

Hoit loves frilly toys, bright lights, and novelty.  He is quite creative, but gets bored quite easily.  Hoit is 6 years old and has a bit of anxiety during bedtime. Hoit loves bedtime stories from mom or dad.

Maximus Decimus Meridius is father to a mudered son, husband to a murdered wife and he will have only the best toys for his only other son Hoit. Maximus is very much a kidult and can act like a child himself when playing with Hoit.