Detailed Sketch & Unexpected Logisitcs

Usually I try to think about what all will be necessary to build a model or product as I sketch them out.  There have been a few changes to my Nester the Baby Lockness Monster. 

1. The motor I hacked for this project seems a little to big and bulky.  The distance the motor travels from the hacked motor is too short in comparison to how much space it occupies. The toys fins would not travel very far assuming how large the toy would become because of this point.

2. The mechanics of the toy are much more complicated that I had expected.  Moving 4 stuff animal appendages with one motor requires a certain amount of engineering that I am unprepared to do in a 3 week period.  Anything that I would create would suffer several issues like 1. being to fragile 2. moving parts 3. fabrication

3. The color sensor I wanted to use [ to make my toy swim when recognizing the color blue] adds way too much complication to the toy.  Also I don't think this add very much to the toy or concept to make it a worth while endeavor.

4. I realize that sewing the shape of this toy is going to be complicated.  Making a pattern for the toy will be very important.  I would consider a 3d SolidWorks printed file given more time.  I think the best thing here would be to fashion a clay model and then use material cut outs to make a template of the toy pattern and then cut this onto felt material for the final skin.