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Here's what they wrote:

[Steve] is in the MFA Design and Technology program at parsons, and
as part of his studies, has built a couple really interesting projects.
First, the Beat boxxx,
as seen in the video above, is an 80’s retro looking portable beat
looper. You create and loop your beats at the time of playing using
simple hand gestures. The look is great, for those who enjoy cardboard
and magic marker, though we think some tonal variation and possibly a
wider pitch variation would really make this fun.

His second project is Speak to Me/Breathe.
This project was meant to be a commentary on security in our daily
information. He is visually displaying the braille symbols to spell out
his emails. If any person were to spend the effort, they could decipher
his emails. The finish on this project is quite nice, you can see a
video of the display after the break.

Here's a link to the article:


This site is cool and I've gotten a lot of comments, mostly positive.


Here's what they wrote:

Mixing something on the net to use in the real world is a very interesting idea. Stephen Varga sent me a great project. He writes :

Here is a link to my first arduino-based project. I’d
love if I could get a post and possibly some comments to help me
improve the design.
Speak to Me/Breathe
is a project that shows communication over time by displaying my
incoming email messages in Braille format on a large LED driven
interface. The project is both an exploration of Braille as a visual
6-bit binary form of communication vs its normal tactile form, as well
as a commentary on information security and encryption.

Thanks Stephen Varga.

Here is a link to the site:

They posted it super quick and made some nice comments, however I don't know how many people are actually reading this blog yet since ts pretty new. Regardless its pretty cool.