Constellation Skirt – Prototypes

<   Look and Feel  >

The style: classic dirndl skirt (gathered fabric with an elasticized waistband)

The fabric: outer skirt will be semi-sheer, thin navy blue china silk, low sheen; inner structure will be more structured cotton broadcloth for volume

Picture 6

IMG_4724        IMG_4725  

<    Implementation  >

Picture 8  Casseiopeia

Picture 9  Cancer

Picture 10  Ursa Minor

here's the code

At the moment, the three circuits are incomplete and the constellations may be activated when the user's movements cause the components to fall into place and complete the circuit. I am also interested in using the Aruduino capSense library to use human touch to activate the constellations.

<    Role in User's Life   >

IMG_4711 IMG_4715