Morning Monster Prototypes

Alarm Clock Test from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.


Morning Monster is an electric alarm clock that helps you wake up with the most powerful energy source, the sun. He opens your blinds 20 minutes prior to your alarm setting. And if that is not enough, an annoying buzzer will go off. Of course this little monster has all of the standard features, snooze, set time, set alarm time, clock, etc. This little guy is optimal for people who wake up when the sun is out or coming up and who have a window(s) for sunlight to flow into their room.

Look and Feel:

I believe that some off-white canvas for the body and teeth would look nice. For the lips, I will use the red cloth that we received in class and black cotton cloth for the inside of the mouth. I purchased a cube like Tweetlite for support of the innards. I also purchased an lcd screen from sparkfun with a black background and white lettering.