Myriam – Balloon Girl prototypes

In the time frame we have, I don't have time to properly set up the microphones for the performance.

When I started prototyping the microphones, I realized it was much more complicated than I thought to have live sound with arduino.

That's why I decided to concentrate on the Balloon Girl.
As I said before, Michelle, the dancer, has a structure over her head. This structure will be covered with white fabric, and a diffused light will glow inside of it.
The balloon girl is the representation of a mood, a visualization of a dance. She is given life by the dance and the lights shining within her.
I want to experience how her dance and how dancing with Zack will evolve depending on the lights.

Michelle will have on her corset three conductive fabrics, put on strategic dancing spots. Each fabric will trigger a different light color when it is pressed.




The balloon Girl will be an additional part of the performance already existing. The show is an evolving piece, and the dancers are interested in adding technology to give more expression and finding a new way of dancing.

I started working on the code to see how the capacitance sensing was working. 
Here is a video of the sensing wires lighting three different lights.
Leds with capacitance sensing from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.

here is the code

Next steps:
– build the balloon structure.
– test the leds inside to see how many is needed and how to make them glow with a sense of life
– find conductive fabric and sew it on the corset.
– start experiencing with dancers