:: The Shy Turtle :: (another prototype)

The Arduino, Servo Motor, and plexi-glass holder will all fit inside. It will be a tight fit with the power supply and the speaker but it should be doable. The Arduino and Servo will need to be secured inside of the box.


Ran into "trouble"… discovered I will need to have some sort of a way to push the head back out when the servo turns – fabric alone will not push head back out. Servo will be attached to a dowel which will be attached to a ball inside the head. The head will probably need to go inside of a "cup" of some sort so the fabric doesn't "stick" to the body fabric.


Wrote several iterations of melody code. Started with "Under the Sea" from the Little Mermaid. This didn't work at all! The melody didn't sound remotly like the tune from the movie. I figured that this may be because the melody uses a wide range of scales so I decided to try a different melody…

Picture 2

The sedond melody I chose, "Row Row Row Your Boat," was also a big fat fail. Eventhough this song is quite simple, it also uses a wider range than I was capable of achieving. I'm thinking I may need to use "Mary Had a Little Lamb" because that works and I need to work on the code / technical part of the head.

Picture 3