myriam – balloon girl structure

As a visualization of the dancer while performing, I had to review the light effects for my conceptMichelle has a microphone in her mouth in the end of the performance: the warm white Leds will be fading on and off with her breathing the whole time.
Then, when she or Zack triggers the conductive spots on her bustier, cold white or red Leds will turn on or off. Their fading will visualize the x and the y axis of the accelerometer placed on Michelle.

I started building the structure with the help of Sah,a fashion designer.
I decided to focus on the balloon itself and not on on the rest of the costume. I want the structure to be adaptable for other shows.
For this first prototype, I bought a simple white bra, boning and fabric to cover the boning so that we can saw it on the bra. 


For now, I simply taped the arduino and breadboard on the back of the form. I want to test out the light and positions before programming it on the Lilypad.




I used white tape to integrate the Leds on the boning.


Balloon Girl test 1 from maryam aboukhater on Vimeo.

This is an overview of the concept. The code still needs to be improved.

You can look at the code for now here.

Next steps:
– put the fabric on the structure to see the light effect.
– if needed, add more Leds.
– build the circuit and program on the Lilypad.