Myriam – balloon girl structure progress

I made my circuit again on the Lily pad board, to be lighter and hidden in the costume.

0 01
Meanwhile, I rethought about the lights animation and disposition in the balloon.
Only the Leds that visualises always her "breathing" should be on the top: they are permanent and softer. Then, as to accentuate something, the red and cold white Leds will be placed on each diagonal.
I want each color to mark its own trace but at the same time to glow in all the balloon space.


I then added the fabric on to see the light intensity on it.
Putting the fabric will be a hard task: the boning get distorted by the weight of the fabric. That's why I bought some kind of mesh that's at the same time light enough to be place on the boning and stretch enough to follow its curves.

While placing it, Sah and I found different possibilities of sewing it that would change the overall shape.
For now, we just put the fabric on with pins. I don't want it to be sawn yet to be able to still work on the circuit and alter it.


When we put the fabric on and set the concept in the dark, the white "breathing" leds where soft and diffused enough. The other ones were not bright enough. We need to add some more.
As well, the Leds need to be implemented in some fabric to be more diffused over the lines and not appear as they are.

Here is a video. It is pretty dark but you can have a sense of the effect.
For now, I m using 360 Leds not to have spots on the fabric, but I test the regular ones and  I want to try making an animation using this spot that appears.