Myriam – balloon girl final prototype + places I will submit this project

After implementing my circuit on the structure, I tried to put the fabric I found over it. I chose a kind of mesh that was transparent so that the dancer could see trough and at the same time tight enough to keep the lights shining inside. The thing is when I put the fabric over, the whole geometric aspect and grace of the structure disappeared, letting a massive balloon take over.The structure with the fabric would kill the dancer instead of valorizing her. At the same time, I liked the skeleton of the structure poorly fitting the dancer. It gave another dimension to the costume and the dancer was able to play with it, bending it around as if she wanted to get released from this "prison".I wanted to keep this feeling and give more narrative to it.

But the bare boning with the circuit let show the Leds. The leds didn't have to be simple leds, they had to be light shining from the dancer.

I then thought that I was naming my project the "Balloon girl", so why not putting real balloons in it?
The dancer would be trapped in those balloons, and her loud breathing through the microphone would be her suffocating and trying to get out gracefully by twisting the structure.

I chose white balloons, that would hide the leds to make their light glow.

At the same time, I wanted her to fully play with the structure, and accompany her movement while dancing. This is why instead of putting the conductive thread on her corset, I chose to have conductive ribbons falling form the structure, and giving a more floating aspect. She would have to pull them to trigger the lights and to bend the structure over at the same time.








I wish to continue exploring how to integrate technology into dancing performances for my thesis next next year.

I want to propose only this project to be funded or to be able to have a space to work at my best.
I will submit to

Art vs. Design competition