:: Final Deliverables ::

:: The Shy Turtle ::


The Shy Turtle is intended to be used by a young toddler – ages 1-3. It
is an interactive plush toy that uses the Arduino to output movement.
The Shy Turtle is an educational tool intended to teach children how to
be kind to animals and respectful of emotions. The turtle acts as an
impetus for parents to talk to their children about emotions – both the
turtle’s emotions (in this case “fear”), the child’s emotions, and the
emotions of the people around them.

:: My First Robot ::


My First Robot is a “book” for young children (ages 1 – 3), intended as
an introduction to sensory input and output. Designer, Kirsten
Halterman created this book to excite children about small electronics
and robots. This book gives parents a platform to discuss depth, sound,
and touch.

:: The Sea Light ::

Sea Light

The Sea Light is an artistic light source meant to inspire creativity
and imagination. Designer, Kirsten Halterman, employed the arduino,
several green and blue LEDs, and cover velum paper to achieve the soft
diffusion of light. When turned on, the Sea Light is blue. As time passes, the green and
blue lights fade in and out simulating tidal changes. The soft fading
of green and blue lights emulate low tide while the fast paced blinking
lights are meant to emulate high tide.


Events I plan to submit to…

Maker Faire
Artists Wanted