Ira Goldberg / Final Post

Project 1: The Spine Of Scapula


The spine of scapula is a LED decorative lamp is a handcrafted, unique product that combines electronic technology with old style and simple paper cuts.
Relaxing colorful combination of LED lights scrolls up towards its elongated shape, and creates a dreamy relaxing atmosphere. 
The lamp might be used vertically on the wall or be displayed horizontally on the desk.

Size: 3.9”h x 39.3”w

The Spine of Scapula from Ira Goldberg on Vimeo.

Project 2: Cookies Monster


Cookies Monster is an implementation project of IR sensor, speaker and Arduino board. AS long as the IR sensor is covered there is no sound. Don’t touch the cookies!

Cookies Monster from Ira Goldberg on Vimeo.

Project 3: Momi


Momi is an interactive, plush toy designed for young children age 3-6.”Momi” makes the temperature reading process more pleasant and educational.
Momi has a mechanic arm that moves up when the kid puts the real thermometer in his mouth, then red LEDs inside of Momi’s body lightening up accordingly to the kid’s body temperature.

"Momi" from Ira Goldberg on Vimeo.