joe saavedra :: 3 computation studio projects

1. Luminosphere


A mood-enhancing, tri-color, glowing light projection for dark spaces that exposes the beauty of additive  color synthesis. Luminosphere provides ever-changing blends of red, green, and blue light that is projected vertically out of a translucent white dome. For anyone who is afraid of the dark, or perhaps simply in need of a mood enhancement for any room, Luminosphere provides an extremely
unique lighting alternative. Great in a bedroom, living room, hallway, or festive environment, Luminosphere creates ambiences that appeal to all ages and situations. Simply toggle the switch to the ‘on’ position, sitback and enjoy the atmosphere and ceiling projections created by Luminosphere.


2.  Spatialized Umbrella


    •  The ‘raindrop’ samples play in a loop, each speaker playing their own
unique raindrop. The LEDs light up the speaker playing at that moment.
The tempo of the loop is controlled by a long-range Sharp Infrared range finder
The closer an object is to you, the faster the loop plays. If an object
is close enough and a threshold is reached, a lightning sequence is

• Spatialized Umbrella was featured on the Hack-a-Day and Arduino Show blogs, as well as a few others.



CIMG1657_800     • SOBEaR is a robot friend for anyone who does not know their own limits, or has problems controlling themselves.  SOBEaR has a breathalyzer which the user must blow into. Blood Acohol Content is displayed on a scale of 1 – 6 ( via green, yellow, red LEDs in his chest). Depending on how drunk you are (or aren’t) SOBEaR will pour you a drink appropriate for your current state. If you are sober, a shot of alcohol is poured, if you are very drunk, more mixer (cranberry juice) is served.  Too drunk, and only mixer will be poured.

• SOBEaR was featured on ENGADGET, GIZMODO, MAKE, and TRENDHUNTER among nearly 100 other blogs. Here is my complete post.


About the Author   


Salutations! My name is Joe Saavedra, and I’m totally happy with the outcome of this class.  Everyone made great projects, lots of creativity, and tons of learning happened for everyone.  Phenomenal experience.  I also applaud everyone for getting posted on big blogs, we should be proud of ourselves, and we are only increasing MFA DT’s profile as this happens more and more. I’m super proud of everyone in this class, we have all come a long way!  Special thanks and CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Yury Gitman — and to the administration for providing lots of material and technology for us to play with.