Nick Hardeman — Computation Projects

Project 1 – Nove Bit


Nove Bit is an interactive 3 x 3 matrix that allows users to record
sequences of light and save them as 9 bit memories. Nove Bit addresses
human to computer interaction by allowing the user to physically input
the memory as 9 bits, as opposed to the traditional 8 bit computer
memory. Nove Bit also touches on the notion of a personal memory by
recording a users’ thoughts in time and replaying them as a pattern of
lights. The visual memories are stored as 9 bits, represented by a
corresponding button. Compared to 8 bits, 9 bits also allows for a
visually even distribution of the memory as a square. The “Nove”, which
means nine in Italian, also references the Arduino Duemilnove, one of
the two micro-controllers that control the unit.

Nove Bit from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.

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Project 2 – Squaremin


“Squaremin ” name thanks to Collin Cunningham from his post at, this project is also featured on
This battery powered electronic musical instrument is a descendant of
the theremin and can be played without contact from the musician. This
small instrument contains two infared (IR) sensors that measure
proximity. One sensor controls the note, while the other controls the
octave that is played through the speaker in the front. The tone is
reflected by one of seven colors that illuminates the center area and
highlights a small indicator located on the top panel.

Squaremin – Narrated from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.

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Project 3 – Morning Monster


The Morning Monster is a plush electronic alarm clock. He has all of the normal alarm functions, set time, set alarm, snooze, etc. However, what makes him a monster is his ability to shine the sun on your face when the alarm goes off by opening the blinds. The blinds are also manually controlled my moving his left arm up and down and he will never over-crank them!

Morning Monster from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.

Featured on: I wrote to Rob Faludi because I used his open source code as a starting point and he wrote a post on his blog! This was also on make and arduinoshow.