Steve Varga-Final Projects

Speak to Me//Breathe
Speak to Me//Breathe is a physical metaphor for my personal views on the security of our information today.

This project retrieves my live email data in real time and both translates and displays this digital information using a visual form of the Braille alphabet. The use of an available binary language which is rarely used in visual form is intended to be a direct metaphor for the encryption processes that everyone's data goes through on a daily basis. The piece is also intended to live in a gallery space where photography or video recording is strictly prohibited. By displaying my data publicly using both encryption and a human form of security, Speak to Me//Breathe challenges viewers to put in the time to both learn and translate an otherwise useless form of encryption, as well as get around human forms of security in order to access my private data. This real life interaction is intended to reflect the process of a hacker who must both learn arcane data systems and get around real life system operators in order to obtain the information that they covet. Overall the main goal of the project is to transform the viewer into a participant as well as stress the fact that in the new digital age, no information is secure, it is just very hard to get at.

Speak to Me//Breathe: Documentation from Steve Varga on Vimeo.

BeatBoxxx 1.0
BeatBoxx is an open-source, Arduino based electronic beat sequencer.

Beat Boxx is an interactive beat creator and recorder that allows users to lay down digital loops of blips and beeps or perform them live. Through the use of gesture based beat selection, users can choose to either perform live or record a sample and endlessly loop it. Through encouraging users to create their own enclosure from readily available items such as shoeboxes, BeatBoxxx aims to be a simple, affordable, and extremely customizable kit that will hopefully inspire a large amount of creative and practical implementations.

BeatBoxxx 1.0: Documentation from Steve Varga on Vimeo.

BeatBoxxx 2.0
BeatBoxxx 2.0 is an exploration into how far my open source BeatBoxxx concept can be taken using a basic understanding of electronics and open source arduino hardware.

BeatBoxx 2.0 is a plush toy with digital controls that allows users to select beats, record them to one of three loop memory spots, as well as vary the tempo and switch the type of beats they are using by swiping RFID tags disguised as cassette tapes.

BeatBoxxx 2.0 Documentation from Steve Varga on Vimeo.