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This light fixture introduces an element of the fantastical and narrative to the traditional form of the hanging lamp.

Provides the user with a sense of an open narrative and a feeling of discovery when the light is turned on to reveal the different characters in the inside of the lamp. Hanging legs provide a clue that there may be more to the lamp than what meets the eye and they also serve as an invitation to interact with the object. This interaction results in the turning on of the light.

The LED’s inside the light fixture get activated by touching the dangling legs. Conductive thread and the capacitance pins in the Arduino allow for a playful interaction with the light fixture.


:::Luciana::: from cecilia elguero on Vimeo.



It seeks to create a play space, where through the presence of light and the ability to manipulate sound, a child can react to his/her imagined play landscape.

The interface consist of:
1. A wrist band with four buttons that trigger different preprogramed sound sequences and
an IR sensor that allows the user to control  the tempo of two of the pre-programed sequences
in real time.
2. A head gear that houses  two speakers. 

Robotsonic is inspired by interfaces related to the experience of adventure and discovery
such as an astronaut helmet, a diving bell, or robot head.
This cultural reference are  meant to  enriched and enhanced the play experience by suggesting
a narrative.

Future iterations envision a second interface and the ability to communicate
from one interface to the other.


:::Robotsonic::: from cecilia elguero on Vimeo.



Colony is made out of plushes called Nicos. In their natural environment, Nicos glow softly and make little sound to communicate with each other. When a user removes a Nico from its natural environments, they get scare and make high pitch sounds and their red light flickers. If the user is friendly and gentle with Nico, a Nico will become his/her friend and return to its peaceful state. Nicos can also be fed their favorite snack, cupcakes, and if you tickled them in their belly they will laugh. Future iterations of Colony, include the ability of Nicos to communicate with one another wirelessly.


:::Colony::: from cecilia elguero on Vimeo.


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