Back to OmNom

So, I’m back to pursuing OmNom, this will be a fun and executable idea within the scope of time left in the semester.


OmNom in public
OmNom recycling bins in public will incentivize the recycling by providing an amusing and emotional response every time they’re used. By providing a happy and appreciative response users will be more apt to take the extra step of sorting their trash and using appropriate containers. Each container could have a sensor to let the city know when they’re full so trash collectors could empty full bins more efficiently.

OmNom in the home
If a user has an OmNom in the home they more than likely don’t need the emotive response to encourage behavior, more than likely they’re already avid recyclers. It would still provide amusement, reinforce their already good practice, and if they have children help instill a desire to recycle. The bins would alert users when full and could provide information on its use wirelessly to a configured computer.


Sanitation, Environmental Awareness, Consumer Products, Smart Objects


Arduino, wifi shield, ultrasonic rangefinder, speaker, LED’s, Photocell, load sensor, LCD screen