Interactive wooden kit

Revised Domain mapping

CUBELETS is a good prior art reference.

Balancing Blocks is closer to the look and feel that I want to achieve in terms of texture, shape, scale etc. I also love the canvas bag as the packaging

as I make progress in the project, I have chosen to leave the logic blocks kit for an interactive toy. I am still debating whether this toy should be taken as a just kids toy. I cant tell from the Balancing Blocks whether is marketed for kids or anyone, and I like that ambiguity. Adults like to play and interactive toys can be a great gift.

Before I decided to leave the logic blocks for this project, I made sketches to know how would I build them (I am planning to work on this project on my break, and probably take it far into my thesis). The idea is to have 2 type of logic gates AND and OR, have 3 sensors (Light, proximity and sound ) all this built and programmed just with hardware, (No arduino included). Opamps are needed to build the sensors and get signals from them to power (motors, speakers and LEDs).

Here is a sketch of the entire kit.

And this are the sketches for the new concept (or application). the idea is to keep the geometric blocks and allow the user to build the toy. At the end this toy will have simple behaviors like movement and light. which will be trig erred by sensors like proximity and a photo resistor or a speaker.

Each part of the circuit will be assemble into geometric shapes (made out of recycled wood) and the connections will be made when they snap together.

The ideal situation would be to use magnets for connection of the physical parts and the circuits, but so far i havent have any luck. Ceramic magnets do not conduce electricity (duhh) but they keep their properties as magnets after soldering wire on them and Rare earth magnets do conduce electricity but for some extrange reason ((????)) they loose their properties and do not attract each other anymore after soldering wire, I guess the head has something to do.

My default is to use the magnets as connectors and metal pieces on each block as the conductive material.

Ceramic magnets

Iron Magnets (rare earth)