Went to the awesome Materials Symposium. I went because I have an interest in new, smart materials as well as sustainable materials.

There were three great speakers (and one who really should hang out with Clive Dilnot; they could make painfully text-heavy slides together).

The talk given by the Bare Conductive was really cool, especially since the guy spoke to their methods of rethinking materials and innovating by asking others to play with their stuff.

Elisabeth de Senneville showed a great deal of her works using a wide range of materials she’s innovating. I was especially interested in her Electronic Ink bracelets (which uses a technology I wish to play with) and her fiber-optic weaves.

I was also interested in the stuff Alice Chun talked about, especially her examples of work other people are doing in order to assure sustainability. For example, I didn’t know that bamboo could grow a 24 inches over night and also repel bed bugs, or that people have made wool from milk.


Finally, I am not really into scent tech; especially after the heavy smell of flowers gave my already-bogged-down-with-pollen brain a headache.