Circuit Madness

Hey guys, this isn’t for class, but I am having some SERIOUS trouble getting this working, and even with Katherine’s help and patience, I couldn’t get it working…

It’s a call detect circuit that should (I think) detect rf pulses… Here’s the circuit diagram and parts list….


R1—————————————————100K 1/4W resistor

R2—————————————————3K9 1/4W resistor

R3—————————————————1M 1/4W resistor

C1,C2———————————————–100nF 63V polyester capacitor

C3—————————————————220uF 25V electrolytic capacitor

D1—————————————————LED 10mm ultra bright

D2—————————————————1N5819 40V 1A schottky barrier diode

Q1—————————————————BC547 45V 100mA NPN transistor

IC1—————————————————7555 CMOS timer IC

L1—————————————————-Coil sensor

B1—————————————————-1.5V battery

And here’s what I’ve got going…

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.