Naughty Bot

Why are robots always nice? Even if digital technology has been growing rapidly, the character of robots is always the same. They are created to help people or replace one in dangerous circumstances to spare a life. Because they are always good to people, we don’t think they are alive. We human are hormonal and inconsistent, we rage and curse. Robot’s responses are scripted and consistent, therefore we regard them as computers and lifeless. Then the question of how do we bring them to life? At the comfort of no true confrontation, there grew a new type of harassment, a very easy one, a digital one. ‘Naughty Bot’ could be a case study of digital harassment; can it be useful? Taking an adverse trait of the digital world, lets make it useful. ‘Naughty Bot’ utilizes digital realm to insult people. By its bad behavior, people might feel annoyed and angry towards the robot. Humanizing a robot is not done by a robot mimicking human emotions or physical behaviors. May be a robot will become humane because a person can be irritated and annoyed at the robot. To love or to hate, are all emotions. This emotional association could be the essence of a more humane interaction.!/naughty_bot

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