The Imaginary Marching Band

The Imaginary Marching Band is a series of open-source wearable instruments that allow the wearer to create real music simply by pantomiming playing an instrument.
It is also a performance piece, an actual Band who will be performing using the gloves at a variety of festivals and institutions around the world this summer and fall.

This project is open-source, both as software and as hardware. The hope is to encourage others to experiment within this area of design: the creation of invisible interfaces that perfectly mimic their real world counterparts, and in so doing inspire a sense of play and enhance – rather than diminish – the creative experience.

You can view all videos associated with this project, with new updates coming twice a week for the next month due to our Kickstarter Campaign, by subscribing to my YouTube channel.

Download my final paperhere.

Finally, view past posts on this project on our class blog or on the Imaginary Marching Band site.