About Me and my favorite toy

Hi all! I’m Maya, I got my BFA in photography and BA in Art History at the University of Colorado Boulder. As of right now I don’t have much of a ‘professional’ career to speak of, I was a bit of a late bloomer when it comes to college and just graduated from undergrad last year and moved straight to NYC with the intention of going to Parsons. I love to make things, in the past I’ve experimented with jewelry, sewing, sculpture, and of course darkroom photography so I’m hoping this class will give me the hands on experience that I love.

These are my favorite childhood toy. They are battlebeasts. I had my parents send me photos of the remainders, we had many more but they’ve been lost over the years. These probably came out some time in the early 80’s and are about the size of your pinky. Monkey Man is their leader!!