hello world!

Hey, I’m Mónica. I’m a second year MFA D+T candidate, and I come from an Advertising/Graphic Design background. I studied the equivalent of Visual Communications in Dominican Republic (yes, I’m one of the girls with an accent). In my first semester, during my CCLab class I was introduced to Arduino and physical computing. Since I was learning, I tried to incorporate it to projects across my classes. I LOVED IT. I’ve always been a sucker for wires and electronics, so this felt natural to do. For a year now, most of my projects have involved PComp, just knowing the basics. Now I finally decided to signed up for this class and take it one step further.

And here you can see my favorite childhood toy: Tamagotchi (I think). I was a very hyperactive kid, so I was always playing with something different every week, BUT this is the one I remember having the most fun and spending hours feeding my little baby dinosaur, so it must have had some impact on me.