Maker Faire!!!

Here we go, Maker Faire!

“In the wind” By ITP students Michell Cardona and Nelson Ramon
Basically, this project works by using wind to generate electricity to operate the LED light.
Nice prototype for some self-sufficiency circuit.

Next, “Contact Microphone”, it is a simple kit using the piezoelectric pickup to get the vibration. But the application of the kit can happen in very variety ways. For video example check out their site here.

Last but not least, “Electrisize Machines” by Samwell Freeman. I like how the project is not so practical but more like a critical design about how we use computer so much and don’t do enough body exercise. So you just have to exercise to do simple inputs like keyboard and mouse.

There is other 3 projects that I like on Major Studio blog (It’s double assignments on this Faire, sweet huh?). Just wanna post a quick link here in case you guys care to check it out.