3 Things I loved at Maker Faire – Aneta Genova

The first thing that caught my eyes was the USB typewriter from Jack Zylkin. I provokes a nostalgic feeling for the disappearing typewriter and the art of typing, knowing that you can’t just delete and rewrite a whole sentence or rearrange the whole paragraph. I am also attracted to the overall design aesthetic of the old fashioned keyboards juxtaposed to the modern sleek look of the iPad or iMac. It’s not very portable, but it makes for an amazing display piece.

The second project or actually product that I was specifically looking forward to see was the Conductive Ink form Bare Conductive. I am super excited about working with and creating products with soft circuits, so this was top priority for me. The inks are created by the team at Bare Conductive: Matt Johnson, Isabel Lizardi, Bibi Nelson and Becky Pilditch. The ink is quick drying and nontoxic, so it can be used by artists, hobbyist or serious inventors. Needless to say I am in love with this product 🙂

Here is Isabel Lizardi showing me how you can draw on fabric.

And last but not least I really enjoyed the simple bots by Randi Sarafan, at the instructables.com booth. I was fascinated by the idea that simple objects from your house can be wired and put together into fun little bots, that take on a life of their own.