Hello [pcomp]!!


Aisen Caro Chacin is a regenerating composition of cells that collaborate to form an independent unit, despite of this precarious human condition. Together they compose a she, a Venezuelan, a Spaniard, an American, and an animal, whose patterns of migration are not based on seasons, but rather chance, chaos, and opportunity. Her curiosity drove her to a career in the Arts, a true trans-disciplinary practice that allows her to dabble between fields and still remain in a coherent path. Her intent has been to question the function and essence of art in order to explore dislocated, un-plotted, un-assigned ideas and social situations. She is also a bucket of ideas open to merge and exchange with other buckets

to create

coop erative



Why [pcomp]? E± L± E±C ±T+ R+ I±C ± I ± T ±Y !!!

Circuitry has become a fascination to me and Forrest Mims III a great influence on my latest work. Circuits and microcontrollers are the main reason why I am in MFA DT. After this class I hope to grasp on the Arduino API, and hope to program other chips in place of the prototyping boards.

Make STUFF :

move/ respond/ record/ sound/ light-up/ charge/ absorb/ change/ etc µ

I had this awesome Chem Kit with a Microscope:

and this awesome GAMEBOY: