Grove Sound Recorder: PLAY/REC Switching from Manual to Digital

While trying to decipher how to bypass a manual switch with a digital gate, I found transistors to be helpful, but for the sound recorder itself.
First I tried to switch an LED on/off. Here is a photo of the LED circuit.
Then I tried to replace the play/ record switch in the sound recorder with two transistors, with this schematic:
But I had no luck!
This was the code I used:
You will need the library 
Then WAR BEAR came to the rescue!
He is the creator of the Sound Recorder Library AKA Wendellinfinity, and I have been corresponding with him since the beginning. Here is the trail…
Luckily he figured out how to bypass the switch digitally with this very simple circuit. I am very honored, happy, and amazed that he dedicated this tutorial to me, but most certainly relived since without it I would have hit my head on transistors over and over again.
Here is the circuit and the tutorial: