Harry Potter “Pumpkin” v 2.0

For one of my final projects in this class, I decided to improve upon my Harry Potter pumpkin enclosure made for Halloween.

To recap, the Harry Potter pumpkin interacts with you based on proximity. From far away, he is sad and sits quietly with red eyes. As you move closer, he becomes curious– his eyes change to green and the tip of his wand lights up. If you are really close to him, his eyes change to blue and he hums the Harry Potter theme song.

In order to make this more of a finished piece, I obtained a new enclosure. The head is a plastic container. I drilled holes in the sides to accomodate for the mini speaker wiring, and to expose the photocell at the top. I used  chopstick for the wand and covered it with black felt. Hook up wire runs from the inside of the head to power the light.

Parts Used

White LED
Mini photocell
Mini speakers