Jae Yong Jordan Lee

About me, my skills, and intention of taking Wireless Toys:

My name is Jae Yong Jordan Lee. I am from South Korea. This is my third year in Parsons’ Design and Technology undergraduate program. Most likely, I have my experience in Motion Graphics with narrative approach; and for now, I am changing my gear towards to study about User Experience Design that is based on HCI, Human Computer Interaction.

I have my skills in video editing through Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere and After Effect. Furthermore, I have my skills in integrating 2D and 3D design realm to a film. I also have an experience in Autodesk Maya, MAXON Cinema 4D, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As I have studied in Parsons for past three years, I had chances to learn about action script 3.0 and JAVA. However, while I was taking the courses related to programming, I found myself that I have no talents in programming but I do have some talents in planning and managing UX design related projects. For example, In terms of UX Design, I would like to study about UX design that is based on HCI, Human Computer Interaction.

Intention to take this class, Wireless Toys

As I have mentioned in above information, there were many times for me to take classes that were related to coding, but I was so discouraged from the fact that Iwas not able to follow up with the instructor’s lecture of arduino and processing. Even I had a motivation to take and wanted to follow up with the class, I was not able to follow with class materials.. and I was fallen into despair while I was taking the class. I wanted to overcome with this trauma of me being discouraged when I get to time when it’s coding for physical computing by taking Wireless Toys class.

Favorite toys in my childhood:

It’s caled Top-Blade.