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Known Challenges/Unknown Challenges

My midterm started with a rough patch. The pulse sensor I received wasn’t of the best caliber. I believed the problem was that the sensor was sending bad signals to the processing sketch. After discussing the problem with Yuri one evening after class I was given an extra pulse sensor to see if that was what was going wrong. The signals I was getting became stronger and the resemblance of a heart beat started to become clearer. However, it took me quite a while to troubleshoot the remaining disturbance in the signal.

I knew that getting the clearest signal would be tough, but I didn’t think for it to be a piece of equipment that was skewing my data. My steps went from simplifying wiring, to splitting up the equipment’s wiring to separate breadboards, to replacing all pieces with backup parts, to replacement of arduino, to a complete reiteration of coding.

My project means to be an ambient LED display reader of ones heartbeat while listening to various music genres. Although the audio…. to be continued

Easter Egg Experiences? Came upon a jewel of information

Not all equipment should be taken for granted. I expect the equipment to be working at the highest level when in reality I paid a minor sum for it, and in return received the quality I paid for.