“Appointment With Death” – Journal Entry #1

Known challenges are the building of the physical structure itself.  I was a bit apprehensive as to the time that will have to be devoted to the wood-gluing and parts assembly itself.  I didn’t want this project to be about the physical look entirely of the building.   Concerned with the circuitry (and what I’m here to learn), I wanted to spend more time on code, wiring, etc.  Yet the physical ediface of the building is pretty cool.

I’m also thinking about the outcome of the project.  If the user doesn’t have the stimulus needed, the project stands still.  It is possible that any user’s heart rate will not increase — and thus the “crescendo” of the project will not arrive.  Certain stimuli may have to be brought in to test the project to increase heartrate amongst users.

I’m concerned with the code — as are most people.  I wanted to use an mp3 shield but way waylaid due to its cost (the project consists of a soundtrack — so during presentation I may just present with a soundtrack).

However, I feel satisfied with the solidity of the idea and it fits in with my aesthetic w/ set design/goth/ ideas.  I also built the project with the mini-thesis of Charles Dickens in my mind:  running around Dickens’ head juxtaposed with a Dickensian house idea.