Mike Susol’s Midterm Journal Entry 1

While developing my mid-term project (name TBD) I was met with a few challenges. The first challenge was to come up with an idea that fit within my coding skill-set and budget. Since this pause of the project is exploratory, there was a certain leap of faith on my part so I could order my electronics from Sparkfun and source materials from other vendors. My goal is to design a stuffed robot “toy” that uses feedback from an embedded pulse sensor to control embedded LEDs in the shape of a heart. The concept is that the “robot” (through a series of pulse control tests) wants to be convinced that you are human. It was difficult to configure the size of the robot without all of the parts in my possession. Working from the dimensions provided online I could reverse engineer the first prototype. Once I get all of the actual parts, I’m sure that I’ll be making modifications as needed. The choice to order my fabric from Spoonflower early was a huge help and the quality of the printed fabric was a pleasant surprise.