Joseph Volpe’s Midterm_Journal Entry 1

Project overview:

Originally I initially thought that I would create a game that consisted of an array of colored leds an in conjunction with a pulse sensor that would light up as the users heart rate increased. The challenge would be to attempt to light up all the lights through aerobic exercise.(whether this item be wrist bands, or gloves or some other clothing is to be decided, but it will be wearable) After researching the theory that individuals heart rates tend to sync up during physical and intimate contact, I have decided to attempt to create a wearable item that is also a game for two. That users may compete and race to reach the goal heart rate first, or be entertained at the idea that their heart rates have become in sync do to physical contact.

known and unknown challenge :

I want this to be completely video free,contained completely within the wearable object, and the concept of the game to be passed on with as little instruction as possible. This presents a number of problems I will soon address through user testing. My initial design consists of dual sweat bands that are tethered together but each have their own pulse sensor. I’ll need to create some form of wireless communication between the bands in order to not inhibit motion as the users attempt to raise their heart beats.

My known challenges will be concerned with the wireless communication between the two wearable items…

My unknown challenges, I imagine, will come more and more prominent as I struggle with the look a the feel of this wearable gamified device.

Easter Egg findings:

Even in my early stages of brainstorming, I’m becoming aware of how lovable a simply designed item can be to the user. Ultimately the look at the feel will determine the sell-ability of this device, more so than the technological force driving it.