Midterm Journal Entry 2: pulse sensor Runner’s band

The look at feel for my project is practical and simple. I want to embed the pulse sensor and an array of lights and possibly a speaker into a cotton wrist band. The lights that are aligned linearly with in the band will gradually light up appropriately as the users heart rate increase or decreases. The battery will also be embedded with an pocket that can be easily accessed when changing it. I also would like to add a light sensor as an on and off/reset switch.

-What surprised you?-

The wiring is fairly simple so I quickly wired up one LED at the start and attempted to slip my newly purchased arduino NANO into my wristband. The pins on the NANO make it extremely difficult to cleanly place inside the band and also make it uncomfortable to wear. Also, the led itself is rather large.

So I have decided to use a lily pad and possibly some smaller flatter LEDs if I can find them. I think I’ll also steal a small speaker from a pair of headphones.

I hope to have a usable and integrated prototype by Monday.

Any suggestion from any of you would be awesome.