Midterm Sketches

So for my midterm project I want to construct a light system that will react to the people that are within a confined space. Instead of having to set mood lighting or buy different types of bulbs for certain types of parties, events or even just daily use you can buy my one product and be covered for any occasion.

Below is a sketch of what it will look like. The Computer is set up to the Arduino and a set of headphones so the user can feel as if they are connected to the machine and enhance their experience (for now). I will later power the light separately with a 9v but for now it will be powered by the computer.

The Arduino sits beneath the light and it will be programmed to take the pulse of the user and interpret that into an appropriate light display. So for instance the user has had a rough day, comes home, put on Radioheads “Nude” and sips a glass of wine their pulse will go from a rapid rate to a very subdued and relaxed state. In which case my lights will react with an ambient mesh of blues, purples, and dull yellow tones. This will help the user relax as well as light their room according their mood without them having to get up and find an appropriate light bulb or brightness level.


Here are the 3 songs that I will use the help achieve the most effective results.

Relaxed pulse rate:  Radiohead – “Nude”

Active pulse rate:   Avicii – “Levels”

Highly Active pulse rate: Every Time I Die – “Cities and Years”