Look.Feel Prototype – “There’s Someone In This House”


“There’s Someone In This House” is a prototype utilizing a pulse sensor.

A simulated intruder enters a house with a “victim” in an attic (not seen from the viewer’s perspective).  As the intruder enters the first room, LED’s are timed simultaneously to the user’s heart rate – directly correlating the user’s heart rate.  The only way to keep the intruder from ascending to the attic is “not to panic.”  If the user “panics” with an increased heart rate, the intruder proceeds to the next room, then to the next level, and so forth to the attic.  Once the attic is reached the sound of the intruder’s footsteps are heard – simulating by a “walking” servo motor with a rotary blade.

The Look/Feel aspect of the house is reflected in the Period introduction in the video:  the facade of the building reflects true crime/sensationalist magazines of the period.

Yury and I were unable to simulate a desired glowing/fading LED — so blinking to each heart beat was decided upon.  However, I couldn’t get an accurate reading from the sensor to correspond to the LED’s.

A user is presented in the video for the ideal scenario.

Future plans include implementation and correction of the above.  I also want to have the servo motor spin in a box of glass to simulate destruction/rape of the victim.  An mp3 shield with timed sound is also being considered.

This structure will be used for the Final Project with a new motif/theme.