7 more prototypes

Role Prototype 

This sketch illustrates the play experience of a 3 year old child. I imaging that this child would be enjoying a play environment by themselves in which they would still be able to experiance the excitement of finding the object that was hiding. In this interaction the child would be holding the cheese and it would vibrate as they got closer to the rat. The rat would also start blinking at the child approached closer.

In this role prototype a group of children ranging between ages 3-5. These children would interact in a hide and seek style play in which they would all contribute in finding the hidden mouse. In this interaction the mouse would make noise as the children approached closer.

In this role prototype an adult would use the sea otter and clam to display the interaction between the two objects for a class room of 5 year olds. I see this interaction as a play / learning environment where the children would be exposed to the lesson threw play.

Look and Feel 

paper prototypes – Here I designed and constructed 3d paper prototypes of possible interactions that I would like to use for my final project.

Sea otter and clam

Bee hive and bees


Implementation and Integration

Here I did light testing to display the specific interactions that I would like to see when the participant is a specific distance away from the object that they are trying to find.