Thinking further. Objects that communicate through disrupting.

Did any surprises come from this round of prototyping?

  • The domain exercise was a crucial component for me in the next stop of prototype making. Through mapping domains I came to conclusion that I am very interested in ideas of disruption and conceptualizing that disruption in an unpredictable way. Disruption is still communication. I now want some of my objects to disrupt its owner’s way of going about their business.

The hardest thing.

-Thinking of an usual yet provoking enclosure for the devices. Since i am moving slightly away from functionality and towards conceptual art, I am thinking of odd designs for objects that can disrupt one’s life that one can still carry with herself or utilize in some way in her/his surroundings.


The easiest thing.

-Brainstorming scenarios of the objects disrupting and communicating to its user. For example, if the device in user’s pocket receives a message, let’s say it will start screaming. The user can be on a crowded train or elevator. This disruptive object then blurs the boundaries of private and public. Becomes a public disruption.