Mini-Thesis/First Iteration

Im exploring the interaction between shop/vendor/marketing and street.  Utlizing openFrameworks and projection design, I’m researching a brand/idea for the vehicle/company to represent.  The projection design will be a backdrop/scenery innate to the window.


I’ve taken inspiration from William Castle’s “Percepto” and Diesel’s “Destroy” campaign.  I want to avoid any user-direct shopping similar to an app.  There won’t be choices as to “catalog” or website shopping.  I want this project to stray away from an app experience:   the pedestrian’s experience is more organic/ethereal/subliminal as to the “message” of the window.

This is expressed well with the Diesel window.


I’m thinking of The New York Times taking inspiration from text and the lines of the facade from the newspaper’s new buildling on 42nd St. here in NYC.  Perhaps the user will “push” the text…move it….transform it into something new that reflects the history of the city, the paper, and life itself as it is represented in headlines.