Prototypes Galore

1) Pollution detection in Cairo, Egypt & New York City.

Comparing the two dirtiest cities I have experienced.

Who in DT has a pollution detector? I heard about it somewhere but can’t remember who.

I found these different kind of gas detectors that could help me create a data visualization of the pollution.


I’m thinking perhaps a dual lamp installation that illuminates on which city has a higher pollution reading at the time.

Or a doll that makes a coughing noise everytime the pollution readings increase by a certain margin in either city.

2) Here is a prototype for a trash can that would tell you the level of trash that is currently in the can equates to what year in history’s average.

So say your trash was 40% full. The can would tell you “Reached the average of the 1970’s”. This will help people realize just how much we throw out daily. Perhaps it would inspire users to recycle or reuse their trash.

3) Here is an idea I worked on a little last semester that I really would like to manifest. Below are some pictures of an interactive installation I imagine outside of MSG in NYC. It is an exploration of human interaction with their clothing & sporting attire/environment.


This is an OpenFrameworks installation that I have working, but I would want to add new elements to the interaction to make it more like a game.

From this idea came an idea to make an interactive hat or t-shirt with the Pulse-Sensor.