A Voyeuristic Journey that weaves a narrative around…

“A Voyeuristic Journey that weaves a narrative around the form of a house.”  The user becomes a/the voyeur  by peering inside windows of a house wrapped with allusions to an historical happening/crime.  By sequentially peering/entering the front door, the voyeur tries to catch a glimpse of its moving inhabitant all the while having her protest about being watched.  The narrative is flipped at the conclusion as the user/voyeur becomes the victim.  Which windows/path the voyeur will need to follow be indicated  by exterior lighting.

1.  Do you feel this project takes you anywhere in terms of a narrative/how is the structure of the narrative?

2. What is the experience you feel from this project?

3.  Do you feel the facade is superfluous/”been done”/too indulgent?

4. What do you feel about the interactivity’s effectiveness?

5. **What do you think of the construction?